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Symbios is an association Turin / Lecce that is dedicated to the people and their welfare, prefissandosi mission as the individual consapevolizzazione. No one should feel "used" and everyone has the right to make choices by providing the elements necessary for a proper evaluation. Symbios contributes to help, on the one hand the local realities dedicated mainly to agriculture, crafts and tourism, other citizens, giving them the opportunity to benefit from social and economic opportunities, acting as a glue between the different realities ( institutions, productivity, user), creating synergies and relationships that tend to re-ignite the economic engine of the country. Through mutual collaboration, Symbios not proposing tourism, but "geoculture", a new criterion to know the territory and its riches. Alternative circuits, small businesses, sometimes unknown, but boast of productions and services of excellence, away from mass tourism or from the hit & run, and that, if not properly assisted, may be destined to disappear. Symbios will appeal to its members to propose the US Purchasing Groups (G.A.U.), a new and organized way of managing ethics based consumption.

from page "Attività"

from page "Attività"

In these pages you will find all the best that Symbios has selected for you. Each manufacturer inserted inside this section, will sign with us a specification which will scrupulously, to ensure that everything that is proposed is really up to the promise that there Symbios ago. Symbios is the task of discovering the excellence, small companies. Experience the sights, meet the people, meet, exchange ideas. But above all to treasure with you of these findings, sharing them. Thus contributing to its improvement. Once members of the Association, will open a world of opportunities:


- Do you want to buy products that Symbios turns out for you in the area? The best formula to marry his philosophy is to adhere to a G.A.U. (Group Kingdom of purchase) and added to the possible pending order, or generate one.


- Do you want to participate in un'esperienze of geoculture trip? Please read the program and garantitevi your subscribing participation.


- Are you interested in our training courses and activities related to nutrition? You would like to attend some dinner or sponsored event for the dissemination of important information? Good! Subscribe and enjoy the full experience that Symbios will take. It ensures proper conduct to achieve the minimum number of participants indicated in any single event.

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